Do You Have A Dissertation You Want Heard?

Is your dissertation or essay collecting dust on a shelf? Or hidden on a USB in the back of a cupboard?

Heff Corp is looking for postgraduate and undergraduate students with work not previously published, to submit for a new podcast series.

The new series offers a platform to showcase the best and boldest ideas from today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Think of it like TED in its rawest form, as we celebrate the intellectual nuggets from which these groundbreaking works are born. So if you have a thesis you’re proud of, we want you to record it and send it to us for the podcast.

We accept all submissions, and endeavour to use as many as possible, with the following exceptions:

  • excessively explicit theses will not be considered
  • theses which are deemed to promote extreme religious or political views without clear academic intent will not be considered
  • theses which are deemed to unnecessarily promote products, goods and services will not be considered
  • theses which promote the author’s personal prejudice including (but not restricted to) those against ethnic groups, gender, sexuality, religion and political allegiance will not be considered
  • independent theses not written as part of an accredited University programme will not be considered at this time

How to Submit Your Work

To submit to the podcast, you first need to record your thesis.

You can do this using your phone or laptop’s basic voice recording app. You can also download free software such as Audacity.

Don’t worry too much about getting top quality software. You just need a quiet room where you won’t get interrupted.

Record your thesis by simply reading through it. Begin by reading the title, name and University affiliation.

We will include links to your bibliography, so there’s no need to read all of this out! Don’t worry if you stumble over words: pause, go back to the start of the sentence or paragraph and start again.

Once you’re done, save your audio in MP3 or Wav format and send to

Email Submission Guidelines

Subject: Thesis Submission

Body: Include your name, the title of your essay and the University (this will be used publicly), your contact details.

Attachments: your audio (either in MP3 or Wav) and your full bibliography (as a Word doc).

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