Heff Corp. Rolls Out New Branding

Heff Corp. has today launched bold new branding, as it gears up for a big second year.

The specialist film & TV producer launched two podcasts in May – 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly – and recently brought The Film Awards Database under its roof, with an expected beta launch within the next year. However, Heff Corp. founder Liam Heffernan has even bigger plans.

“Our vision for Heff Corp. is to be a collaboration of brands, all with the single goal of informing, entertaining and inspiring audiences with market leading film and TV coverage” said Liam. “Our brand image reflects this boldness with a big smack of retro Hollywood signage. Now, when you see Heff Corp. you know exactly what we’re about.”

The producer also has ambitious plans to grow their brands over the next few years, in order to establish itself as a true market disrupter, harnessing the expertise of the industry’s best journalists, critics and filmmakers to build something truly unique.

“Just like our new branding, Heff Corp. is loud, and we’re going to start shouting, so the rest of the industry better start listening…”

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