9 Things We Learned from Ofcom’s 2021 Podcast Survey

9. Your Listeners Want High Quality, User-Friendly Content

Most respondents consider the quality of podcasts and ease of use (particularly on smartphones) as the most important features of a podcast.

94% of respondents said the quality of the show was either very or quite important. This indicates the natural rise in consumer expectations as the industry grows and the market becomes swamped with content not deemed up to standard.

Also, the ease of use, so how simple is it for listeners to click on to your podcast and listen, is considered one of the most important features. This of course may be out of your hands slightly, and is more dependent on the podcast players, but your chosen host will offer integration and functionality which can improve the user experience and you should consider this when launching or updating your show.

However, the lack of perceived importance in social sharing options contradicts with previous responses, which may mean that listeners hear about podcasts via word of mouth on social media, or there is a disconnect between the importance of talking about podcasts on social and sharing the content on social – perhaps the latter doesn’t matter as much?

Parents place particular importance on smart speaker compatibility, though this is not a major priority among the majority of listeners.

Generally though, listeners place an overwhelming importance on cost, with 85% saying a free service is important. Their is also little importance placed on exclusive content. Though Spotify and Apple users are far more prepared to pay for their content than other platforms, unsurprisingly.

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