9 Things We Learned from Ofcom’s 2021 Podcast Survey

1. More Women Are Listening to Podcasts

When you consider how many new podcasts launched and how much more money the podcast advertising industry is worth now compared to pre-pandemic, you’re probably not surprised to hear that more women are listening to podcasts now.

What is interesting is the proportion shift between male and female listeners over the years. The chart below shows how recently people began listening, split by gender, and 65% of women only started getting into podcasts within the last two years, compared to 47% of men. Only 12% of women were listening to podcasts over six years ago, versus 26% of men.

What these numbers show is that of today’s listeners, a bigger proportion of women are newer compared to men. There is a noticeable, steeper increase when Covid hit, in line with the boom we saw across the whole industry. However, in the last year, the proportion of new male listeners has tapered off, while new female listeners continues to grow.

We do not think this is a coincidence, but indicates a more diverse, content rich industry. It’s also worth noting that the line is practically identical for ethnic minorities too, showing that more targeted content is available to non-white audiences.

What we can safely assume from these numbers is that more content is being made by female and non-white podcasters for female and non-white audiences, making the whole industry broader and more diverse than ever before.

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