About Us

Heff Corp. is a media empire in the making. Our brands have one common goal: to inform, entertain and push the boundaries of specialist film and television coverage. With market leading knowledge and exceptional creative talent, we are building something big. We also offer a range of audio production services to corporate clients. From radio and podcast production to award-winning demos, we know how to make the best sounding you.

Heff Corp. was founded in 2020 by experienced producer, broadcaster and Academy Awards expert Liam Heffernan. We aim to create a network of specialist brands delivering top notch film & TV coverage with the best talent from across the UK and beyond.

Original Content

You can currently hear Heff Corp. original podcasts 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly on your favourite podcast player. Over the next year, Heff Corp. is investing in more original shows and bringing some of the best undiscovered podcasts under the same roof. Additionally, The Film Awards Database remains in development, due to soft launch in 2021, and will provide a central hub for film awards news, info and insight.


We help other brands stand out. From creating award winning demos and supporting hospital radio stations push exceed their own expectations, to branded podcasts and audio content for corporate clients. Most recently our work has added enormous value to Hospital Radio Medway, and you can listen and subscribe to Ultimate MMA on all good podcast players. Get in touch if you want us to help you sound awesome.

Contact Us

Whether it’s a brilliant new podcast or a corporate enquiry, send us an email using the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.