Throughout October, guest reviewers are highlighting films and series which address black history, in support of #BHM and #BlackLivesMatter

To celebrate Black History Month in the UK, ‘2 Minute’ podcasts are proud to invite a number of guest critics from non-white backgrounds to review culturally significant films, all with the common theme of shining a light on black history.

From documentaries to dramas, comedy series to Sundance success stories, the podcast will feature a number of reviews of significant films and series to keep conversations of race, equality and inclusion alive at a time of heightened political uncertainty.

“2020 has been a unique year, not least because of how George Floyd has ignited the Black Lives Matter movement, and forced the world into action” Heff Corp. founder Liam Heffernan said. “Black History Month in the UK comes just before the election, so we all need to do our bit to keep the conversation not just alive, but front and centre.”

“The whole team cares enormously about doing what we can to make a difference, which is why we believe it was critically important that every review is not only about black history, but delivered through a non-white gaze. Our guests represent some of the best film critics on both sides of the pond.”

Our Guest Reviewers


Josh is a writer and podcaster for Next Best Picture, and a member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle. I love all kinds of films, from hard hitting dramas with good characters to cheesy horror thrillers. Also, my favourite franchise is the James Bond series.


Roz is an accredited Rotten Tomatoes critic who writes for Battle Royale With Cheese, FOPP and on a monthly basis she runs Subversive Sundays film club @sundayfilmday. As a self confessed scaredy cat she’s a horror free zone, more indie than blockbuster film.


Neil is a freelance print & radio film critic, disc jockey and podcaster for FilmSeekers.

Reviews will be posted throughout October, in addition to the usual reviews of all the latest films and series from Van Connor and Zehra Phelan.

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Additionally, if you would like to get involved in our #BHM reviews, simply contact us here – we’d love to hear from you.

Heff Corp. has today launched bold new branding, as it gears up for a big second year.

The specialist film & TV producer launched two podcasts in May – 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly – and recently brought The Film Awards Database under its roof, with an expected beta launch within the next year. However, Heff Corp. founder Liam Heffernan has even bigger plans.

“Our vision for Heff Corp. is to be a collaboration of brands, all with the single goal of informing, entertaining and inspiring audiences with market leading film and TV coverage” said Liam. “Our brand image reflects this boldness with a big smack of retro Hollywood signage. Now, when you see Heff Corp. you know exactly what we’re about.”

The producer also has ambitious plans to grow their brands over the next few years, in order to establish itself as a true market disrupter, harnessing the expertise of the industry’s best journalists, critics and filmmakers to build something truly unique.

“Just like our new branding, Heff Corp. is loud, and we’re going to start shouting, so the rest of the industry better start listening…”

Heff Corp. has announced it is bringing The Film Awards Database under its banner – its first non-audio brand, as the startup media producer expands its specialist content offering.

The Film Awards Database has been under construction since 2017, also founded by Heff Corp.’s Liam Heffernan. Once complete, it will be the primary destination for film awards season coverage and a definitive resource for industry, press and film fans alike. Heff Corp. already produce two film and television review podcasts – 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly, both launched in May 2020.

“Heff Corp. was launched as a podcast and radio production house” said Liam, “but The Film Awards Database is a natural companion to our existing content, and takes us one step further towards disrupting the industry with market leading specialist film and TV coverage.”

A beta version of the database is planned to launch to a limited number of users before the end of 2020. A full launch is currently scheduled for late 2021. For more information, or if you’re interested in being invited to test the site, email

Heff Corp. has launched the first podcasts in its new network, and the first in a new strand of 2 Minute shows to be streamed online and broadcast on Podcast Radio.

Billed as the biggest little podcasts in the world, 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly offers straight-to-the-point reviews of the latest films and series, in exactly 120 seconds. They are the first in what Heff Corp. hopes to be an innovative family of shows capturing the needs of listeners in an increasingly fast-paced and content rich world.

“These podcasts will be everyone’s first stop when deciding what to watch” says Heff Corp. founder Liam Heffernan. “It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and you can listen as you browse. Nobody really streams hours of movie podcasts end-to-end, and that’s why these shows are perfect – we take the boring stuff out so you don’t need to skip it.”

“We love challenging the status quo.  We know podcasts entertain, inform, inspire and engage listeners.  A podcast like 2 Minute Movies proves all of the above can be achieved in just two minutes, once again bending the rules of audio.”

Gerard Edwards, CEO Podcast Radio

2 Minute Movies features weekly reviews of the latest releases in the cinema and on your favourite streaming platforms, hosted by Van Connor – a film critic, writer, presenter, and all-round movie fanatic you can typically hear giving the week’s film reviews on BBC Radio’s Drivetime with Adam Ball, along with his picks of the weekend’s best on TV for talkSPORT’s Extra Time with Paul Ross.

As well as working as a producer, Van also hosts the ultimate seven day movie guide in the form of the OffScreen podcast with Rebecca Perfect, and can otherwise be found dotted throughout broadcast media wheresoever he’ll be allowed to discuss some good ol’ popcorn thrills.

2 Minute Telly is the companion show for the small screen, proving size doesn’t matter with snappy two-minute reviews of all the latest and biggest series. Host Zehra Phelan worked in the music industry for 15 years, but made the leap into the world of film and TV reporting and becoming disillusioned with life as an extra.

From TV and Film reviews and features to interviewing some of the top actors in the game, her work credits include HeyUGuys, Flavourmag, Yahoo, The Voice (Newspaper) and TV’s London Film Club on London Live. She says “2 Minute Telly will provide audiences with bite-sized, no-nonsense reviews of the newest and hottest TV shows”

“All the film review, non of the bumph. 2 Minute Movies is the perfect bite-sized dose of cinematic feedback, perfect for that frenzied last-minute queue at the box office. For my money, a minute with either Zehra or producer Liam is more often than not a delight, and – in this case – I get two of them!”

Van Connor, 2 Minute Movies Host

Both podcasts are available to stream now via Spotify, Acast or your favourite podcast provider. Meanwhile, 2 Minute Movies can also be heard on Podcast Radio via DAB and online. It “proves [what] can be achieved in just two minutes, once again bending the rules of audio” says its CEO Gerard Edwards.

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In a virtual awards ceremony held on Monday 13th April 2020, Shannon Griffin at Hospital Radio Medway picked up Gold for Best Newcomer at the 2020 National Hospital Radio Awards. Heff Corp. worked with Shannon to produce her award-winning demo.

Peter Finch’s smooth jazz show Coolaxing, another Heff Corp. demo, was also shortlisted for the Best Specialist Music Programme award.

The awards were originally due to take place in Bolton on the 28th March 2020, but the Hospital Broadcasting Association, which represents hospital, health and wellbeing broadcasters across the UK, took the decision to cancel the ceremony due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hospital radio stations are playing a pivotal role in the current Coronavirus pandemic, with many stations broadcasting remotely with presenters hosting programmes from their own homes. While many patients in hospitals aren’t able to have visitors, hospital radio is always there to be a friend at the bedside, providing entertainment, information and relaying messages from family and friends. 

Hospital Radio Medway broadcasts to the patients, visitors and staff across the Medway Maritime Hospital, and online at

The Hospital Broadcasting Association is celebrating fifty years since its inception in 1970 when it was formed out of the Federation of Yorkshire Tape Recording Clubs as the National Association of Hospital Broadcasting Organisations (NAHBO).

Today, it represents 170 hospital, health and wellbeing stations across the UK and the National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration, recognising some of the incredible talent and diversity amongst volunteers in a number of categories from presenting, speech and innovation. 

Is your dissertation or essay collecting dust on a shelf? Or hidden on a USB in the back of a cupboard?

Heff Corp is looking for postgraduate and undergraduate students with work not previously published, to submit for a new podcast series.

The new series offers a platform to showcase the best and boldest ideas from today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Think of it like TED in its rawest form, as we celebrate the intellectual nuggets from which these groundbreaking works are born. So if you have a thesis you’re proud of, we want you to record it and send it to us for the podcast.

We accept all submissions, and endeavour to use as many as possible, with the following exceptions:

  • excessively explicit theses will not be considered
  • theses which are deemed to promote extreme religious or political views without clear academic intent will not be considered
  • theses which are deemed to unnecessarily promote products, goods and services will not be considered
  • theses which promote the author’s personal prejudice including (but not restricted to) those against ethnic groups, gender, sexuality, religion and political allegiance will not be considered
  • independent theses not written as part of an accredited University programme will not be considered at this time

How to Submit Your Work

To submit to the podcast, you first need to record your thesis.

You can do this using your phone or laptop’s basic voice recording app. You can also download free software such as Audacity.

Don’t worry too much about getting top quality software. You just need a quiet room where you won’t get interrupted.

Record your thesis by simply reading through it. Begin by reading the title, name and University affiliation.

We will include links to your bibliography, so there’s no need to read all of this out! Don’t worry if you stumble over words: pause, go back to the start of the sentence or paragraph and start again.

Once you’re done, save your audio in MP3 or Wav format and send to

Email Submission Guidelines

Subject: Thesis Submission

Body: Include your name, the title of your essay and the University (this will be used publicly), your contact details.

Attachments: your audio (either in MP3 or Wav) and your full bibliography (as a Word doc).

When you think of radio, what do you think of?

Greg James or Zoe Ball are probably on the list, but what about The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee on TalkRadio, or perhaps Drivetime with Ty Bentli on Country Hits Radio? Then again, why does it even have to be “proper” radio – you may listen to or volunteer at a local student, community, or hospital station. There are hundreds of those, you know.

But we get it, you don’t have time to schedule time with your favourite radio personality every day, so you probably listen to their podcasts, am I right?

Then of course once you’re on Spotify, iTunes or Google you’re probably also dabbling in some other classics like My Dad Wrote A Porno or The Joe Rogan Experience, not to mention millions – yes, millions – of other podcasts floating on the cloud waiting to be heard.

It takes me ages just to keep up with the stuff I know I like, let alone trying to listen to new stuff. And this got me asking the question – what are we really trying to do at Heff Corp, and why should it matter to anyone?

Well here’s the not-so-big secret: most production houses started with one person, probably in their bedroom or office, with a laptop and mic. They start recording, and hey presto they’re a podcaster.

Launching a podcast really is that easy.

When we trialled a season of The Heff & Beth Show at the start of 2020, it was just that. My wife and I sat in a room in our house, and chatted about stuff we like. After many years working in local radio, student radio and hospital radio, there was something intensely gratifying about being at home with literally no rules, no boundaries, and no regulation – we could do whatever we wanted. It was terrifying too. Within a couple of days we had recorded and edited a pilot, signed up to a host and clicked upload, waiting for the world to hear. We were podcasters.

But of course the world didn’t turn it’s head immediately, and here’s the bigger secret: that’s ok.

There is probably an art to making an overnight sensation, and when we find the answer we promise to share it with all of you. However, in my combined 10 years of broadcasting experience, your own satisfaction with what you do is the only thing within your control. Not only does it keep you going, but it oozes through your content: if you’re happy, your listeners are happy (within reason). And to some extent, if you’re creating a well produced show that you enjoy recording, your personality will shine and listeners with shared interests will gravitate organically. It might be slow, and it might be painful, but it’s worth it.

This is why, when I decided to invest energy into building a podcast network, it was important to keep personality driven content at the heart of what we do. You don’t have to be famous. And if you’re rich, good for you. But the only thing that matters to me is championing ear-catching new content, and giving a platform to big voices with big ideas.

As I type this, I am developing three new podcasts which fill me with excitement – all of them led by individuals who are at the top of their game, bringing insight, information and engaging content to your ears. Podcasts are about people, and Heff Corp is about people.

These new shows, which we hope to launch later this year (more details coming soon), will be a shining example of delivering specialist content in a personal way, but this is just the beginning. Over the next few years, Heff Corp will grow into one of the biggest podcast networks in the UK, and we are introducing an open door policy on every single podcast idea that gets submitted to us. If all you have is a concept, send us a concept. If you have anything else we’ll give it a listen. You will know we have because we will endeavour to respond to every single email we get, and we will give you simple, honest feedback.

So if you are a present or future listener, I hope you like what we do. If you don’t, I want to hear about it. Be honest, be brutal.

If you have an idea but have no idea what to do with it, talk to us. Send an email and let’s chat.

Heff Corp is thinking big. Join us.