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“We may be a small group, but we are a great one, too”

Love Actually, 2003

Congratulations [Your Name], you have been personally invited to this very exclusive page because we enjoy the thing you do and/or are about to do in the way you do it and/or are planning to do it and would like you to consider joining the Heff Corp. group.

Attention to detail and the personal touch are as important to us as they surely are to you and [Podcast Name]. That’s why we like what we hear, and that’s why we think you’ll be a great fit.

We get it – why us? You have a great show and/or idea so you could wait and get an established network on side. But not only will those bigger networks want tens of thousands of listens per episode before even considering you, they are also just a network. Heff Corp. starts with podcasts, but we’re more than that.


Other networks are about creating the biggest catalogue they can, because more shows = more money. It’s a simple model and you would be in reliable hands. However, Heff Corp. is not just about podcasts. We are building a media group and aim to create the best specialist film & TV coverage by filling gaps in the market with strong personality driven content.


Bigger networks are about volume. They cash in on established podcasts with bankable numbers, and those numbers are on you. At Heff Corp. you will get more face time, more support and more help on the details. We like to build from the concept up, so whether it’s production feedback, branding or social media, we’re here to help you when or if you need it to get the best out of your show.


Being part of a network can be isolating. You create your show and the network monetises. It’s a very simple but successful model. At Heff Corp. we do this too, but there is also huge potential for synergy across the group. We’re building websites and video channels, which means not only will your content get a multi-platform distribution, but there will be opportunities to create written and video content via these other channels, and by joining our network early you get to help drive the future of Heff Corp. as much or as little as you choose.


Other networks are better at certain genres over others, but in general non-fiction networks will take any show within a broad remit which guarantees an income. At Heff Corp. we have a dedicated focus to creating film & TV coverage across all platforms. We have subject matter experts and an experienced team who can help you make your show a huge success. We’re all about finding strong ideas and big personalities, so you don’t need huge numbers or even a polished podcast – if the concept is there we will work with you to get the best out of it.


Film critic and Oscars expert Liam Heffernan launched Heff Corp. in 2020 with two original podcasts – 2 Minute Movies and 2 Minute Telly. In 2021 we will launch The Film Awards Database and broaden our content further.

Liam Heffernan is an experienced film critic, academic and radio producer. In 2012 he researched a postgraduate thesis on the 2003 Academy Awards and has since contributed for sites including HeyUGuys, Next Best Picture and Movie Marker. His radio experience began at the BBC in 2008 and he now dedicates his time to the voluntary sector as an executive for the Hospital Broadcasting Association and a producer at Hospital Radio Medway, where The Film Show was nominated for a national radio award and his recent documentary about Covid-19 made regional news coverage.


Congratulations, you’ve made an excellent choice to join the Heff Corp. family, but what happens next? It’s quite straightforward, but in a nutshell it looks like this:



We’ll get all the details between us agreed before anything is official, such as what happens when we make money, what you can expect from us, and what we ask of you.



We will import your podcast onto our network. This may mean a change of host, but it will also mean none of the costs you may have had before. You will also keep complete control over recording and publishing.



We will catch up every so often, so you can tell us where you want to take the show and we can make some helpful suggestions to get you there. Otherwise we can be as hands on as you want us to be, and if you need us we’ll be there.



When your show becomes a roaring success, sure we’ll take some of the credit, but we’ll mainly be working hard to ensure we find the right sponsors and partners. This means you get to focus 100% on doing what you love, and we’ll focus on getting you paid for it.


If you want to jump on board, or you just have a few more questions, please get in touch. DM Liam (@thisistheheff) on Twitter, or ping off an email using the contact form below.