Hospital Radio Medway Presents: Live with the CEO

TX DETAILS8pm – 10pm, Monday 23rd September 2019
STATIONHospital Radio Medway
GENRENews & Current Affairs
PRESENTERShannon Griffin
PRODUCERLiam Heffernan


In 2019, HEFFCORP delivered the most ambitious programme of Hospital Radio Medway’s 50 year history. Live with the CEO was not just a radio show, but a tool for the station to build bridges with the rest of the hospital, and engage the local community like never before.

In the two hour show, replacing the daily request programme, Chief Executive of Medway Maritime Hospital James Devine took center stage for a live two hour Q&A in front of a live audience.

The resource for this project was significant, utilising skills and talent across the station up to and during the broadcast. A team of 13 volunteers supported the live show, with an audience including local MPs.

HEFFCORP provided full producer services from concept and branding through to live broadcast.

The show was a huge technical achievement for HRM, who previously had no means of broadcasting live OBs. Their engineer worked closely with HEFFCORP’s producer to create a cost-effective online streaming solution. As well as purchasing some essential additional equipment, the station now has the means and the experience to produce live outside broadcasts.

The time and effort paid off, with unprecedented levels of interaction from the live audience to social media; they even crashed the stream!

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